Telling our story: using digital media

You might be interested in the media page from Pilot Theatre York in the UK. They’ve taken to social media in a big way. Classy site that ‘tells their story’ through slick design too.

I took part in a discussion a month or so ago with some international theatre colleagues on how business … specifically the theatre … is or is not using digital social media to market their ‘product.’ It’s a conversation that is ongoing, and a process that continues to unfold.

We’re all used to being stymied from time to time by technology. We have the imagination, we have the tools, we see the potential … but stuff goes wrong, people resist … sometimes it can all get too hard. Why bother?

With that in mind, I’ve posted an audio file of part of that conversation I had back in January 2009. I talked about using digital social media to engage with audiences, and I mentioned the challenges we face in Australia with regard to access by customers and the experience of those who are marketing what we do.

This podcast is 6 minutes long.

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