Greenroom takes on Rupert

…. no, not really, but it’s not a bad opening gambit. Did you feel the force Mr Murdoch?

You’ve probably heard media magnate Rupert Murdoch pooh-poohing Google and its capacity to pull in and aggregate online content so that people like you and me can choose and organise the news we want to read over our morning coffee or throughout the day. Apparently he’s going to ‘block’ Google’s search engines somehow, which means we don’t get any of Rupert’s stuff for free any more. Good luck, big fella! This all smacks of dog in the manger to me. Just how many squillions of dollars can one mogul need?  Bah humbug!

The proudly parochial Greenroom elves have been at work hand-picking the best of theatre news and other juicy tidbits from near and far for a little pre-Christmas treat for our loyal readers and visitors. We thought you might like a new constantly updating page of news that we’ve created here. It’s called News Bites (working title the elves tell me) and if all has gone well it should land here on 1 December with a brand-new tab in the navigation bar at the top of the page.

The bites in News Bites are gathered from local, online theatre publications via Google, smartened up via a very nice service called Feedly, and then aggregated into a magazine style page embed right here on Greenroom.  This feed is constantly updated as new articles are published. At the weekend, it breaks out into a Weekend Edition with the best theatre news of the week from here and around the world. That’s all the technical stuff in a nutshell, but the main thing is we hope you enjoy it. Let us know.

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This Week in Queensland Theatre: 23-29 November

Graffiti: Old La Boite Theatre
Image by Dramagirl via Flickr

For session dates and times check company websites. Click on the logo on Greenroom’s homepage to access.

Toy Symphony by Michael Gow. Queensland Theatre Company, Cremorne Theatre QPAC

The Shining Path. JUTE, Cairns.


La Boite Theatre: Season 2010 (Monday)


BitsFestival: independent fringe theatre (Saturday)

Eurobeat – almost Eurovision: Lyric Theatre, QPAC (Wednesday)


Auditions: THAT Production Company

Poll Results: Do you read reviews of your work? (PS why would you bother?)

We left this poll open for a couple of weeks, and the results are in.
Seems as though most artists and creatives do read reviews and criticism of their current shows.  Only 10% claimed to wait till after the show was finished.  Not one respondent was bold enough to ignore the reviews.  Shame really, as many are not worth reading, especially those that (for starters) get the facts wrong and are penned by those whose halting syntax and lack of theatre nous (rather than the subject of their criticism) are what take centre stage.

We created an ‘Other’ category for people to add their comments.  These are two of the comments from the 20%:

  • ‘Yes, but not until well into the run’;
  • ‘When acting, not till show closes. When coaching, yes – a necessity.’

So, there you have it.  I suppose this opens another can of worms which we’d be happy to see wriggle away here or elsewhere i.e., what constitutes a quality theatre review?  Maybe that’s the next poll!