Greenroom going dark for a bit …

Social networking brings with it the necessity of keeping up with your ‘tribe.’ And so it is here.

Greenroom’s contributors post regularly: the Monday post What’s On This Week in Queensland Theatre, we keep the Calendar of events filled, see shows and write reviews, interview theatre people, and keep the Twitter stream flowing along nicely. All of this activity is going to stop for a bit because Greenroom is going to take a break of about 6 weeks while the Editor (me) scoots off overseas on a theatre road-trip in North America. We’ll be back on October 16.

So, dear regular readers and casual droppers-by you are going to need to rely on those other top Queensland bloggers for a bit. We’re sad to be missing the Brisbane Festival, but it’s covered over on Critical Mass. We’re sure that Katherine Lyall-Watson will be doing her best to keep up with the Brisbane theatre happenings on You can find links to both of these blogs on Greenroom’s homepage.  Of course, there’s always Twitter. Ah Twitter! And, of course, Facebook, where there’s a big theatre crowd.

So, in the meantime, stay well, enjoy the Spring and what’s going to be a huge month of theatre activities in Queensland.

If you’d like to keep up with my theatre comings and goings while I’m in the US and Canada, you can do so on my other blog Groundling