David Megarrity (Interview 39)

I am chatting via Skype to David Megarrity, composer, performer, teacher, theatre-maker, and doctoral student. David is about to open (with Samuel Vincent) in the two-man production GENTLEMEN SONGSTERS for the Brisbane Cabaret Festival. I’m keen to hear more about the ‘gentlemen songsters with ukeleles’ and, of course, why they have turned to this sweet little instrument. During my time as a student in Honolulu I came to love its sound, something that seemed to be everywhere … part of the daily soundtrack of life in the islands. Since those days the ukelele has popped up everywhere – perhaps because it’s so democratic. We’ll get to that and to Tyrone and Lesley later, but we start by talking about David’s background and how, as part of his doctoral research, he is investigating the intersection of music and performance. Continue reading “David Megarrity (Interview 39)”

Wrecking Ball and Vinyl Viagra – the little red company at Brisbane Powerhouse

Despite having theatrical friends up the wazoo and schlepping myself to every show in town, I have never actually met Naomi Price. More’s the pity, because after first seeing (and loving) her in the fabulous and successful cabaret, Rumour Has It at the Judith Wright Centre and now in her second pop diva offering – Wrecking Ball, at the Brisbane Powerhouse – I actually believe that if the universe deigned to bring us together, we would be firm friends. Can anyone say fan crush? Not only does the girl sing like the devil himself crafted her chords, she’s funny as a loon, shakes her booty like no one’s business and knocks back punter’s wine – right out of their hands. Oh my Lord, please be my friend Naomi? Continue reading “Wrecking Ball and Vinyl Viagra – the little red company at Brisbane Powerhouse”

Machina – La Boite Indie and Mad Cat Creative Connections at The Loft

The Parade Ground yard outside the Roundhouse Theatre was buzzing last night with indie patrons there to see not one, not two, but three shows on the La Boite indie calendar: 4000 Miles, Mullah Nasrudin, and Machina, an eagerly-awaited, new work from Richard Jordan, directed by Catarina Hebbard, and which is now playing in the Loft – a space I hadn’t visited before.

The lead up to production – itself subsidised by a ‘long-tail’, online crowd sourced campaign – added clever marketing videos and a website (designed by Nathan Sibthorpe) which teased us with hints of dastardly doings by the evil, faceless ‘Machina,’ and of individuals who have decided to ‘go inside’ the machine and live as disembodied selves in perpetuity. The regularly posted bulletins hinted at evil corporate scheming and fear of their machinations (pun or otherwise intended) and, of course, society’s obsession with online connectivity.  Add the age-old fascination with the idea if not the reality of immortality for a price (Faustus) – and you get a rich and powerful mix that intrigued. Continue reading “Machina – La Boite Indie and Mad Cat Creative Connections at The Loft”

4000 Miles by Amy Herzog – La Boite Indie and Mophead & Catnip Productions at the Roundhouse Theatre

Image: Gez Xavier Mansfield

La Boite’s Indie season is here again. It kicked off what I like to think is the ‘official theatre season’ in Brisbane – as May rolls around into what passes for winter here – on a warm night last week.  The first of the 2014 indies is a lovely production directed by Anthony Skuse of Amy Herzog‘s 4000 MILES, a multiple-award winner fairly fresh from off-Broadway, and from Mophead and Catnip who are based in Sydney. Welcome to town!

Most, if not all, indie productions that are hosted by La Boite each year are first try-outs of local works with all the thrills and spills they bring with them. This year, the season begins with a show from out of town, and one that has been well run-in at ATYP’s 2013 Under the Wharf independent season. I wonder does this signal a change of future direction for the La Boite Indie program? Continue reading “4000 Miles by Amy Herzog – La Boite Indie and Mophead & Catnip Productions at the Roundhouse Theatre”