This Week in Queensland Theatre: May 31-June 6

A lonely yellow chair
Image by Ollie T. via Flickr

For further details on individual shows and events, see company websites

As June rolls in there’s a definite hint of creative development in the Brisbane theatre air.  !MetroArts leads the charge with a month long self-styled, drop-in house party Free Range. Across town La Boite is back with The Chairs, and Queensland Theatre Company with Fat Pig.  The Restaged History Project people are back at the Powerhouse with Youth VS Physics, Empire Theatre opens Cosi in Toowoomba, and JUTE  in Cairns has Dancing Back Home. You can even catch some acrobatics in KGS in Brisbane on Friday and dance, slam-poetry and digitalised music at !MetroArts during the week. Something for everyone really.


Fat Pig by Neil LaBute Dir Morgan Dowsett: Queensland Theatre Company at Bille Brown Studio

The Chairs by Eugene Ionesco Dir Brian Lucas: La Boite Theatre Company at the Roundhouse Theatre

Cosi by Louis Nowra Dir Sam Atwell: Empire Theatre Projects Company, Empire Theatre (Toowoomba)

Dancing Back Home by Rod Ainsworth, Victoria Carless, Finegan Kruckmeyer, Amy Losiak, Carrie McLean and Inn O’Branagain: a JUTE/Mudlark Theatre co-production (Cairns)

Youth VS Physics – Restaged Histories Project at the Powerhouse, New Farm

Lights Please! Dance, slam-poetry and digitalised music: !Metro Arts, Edward Street.


Free Range Houseparty creative development workshops.  Drop in throughout the month.  !MetroArts

Blind Date – acrobatics and other fun King George Square, City (Friday)