First quarterly report: jobs onstage

4 April, 2011 by No Comments

Here it is. Further to an earlier post Jobs for the girls: logging the stats and as promised, herewith the first of 4 planned reports of cast numbers in programmed productions for both subsidised companies in Brisbane in 2011.

Plays include: Julius Caesar; Boy Girl Wall (La Boite) and Sacré Bleu; Man=Man & The Elephant Calf; Water Falling Down – opens this week (Queensland Theatre Company)



As at 4.4.11


Any errors or omissions, please let us know.

Not included in the stats is employment in play-readings, workshops and other creative development activities for both companies which, to be fair, include job opportunities for actors.

A much better and fuller picture would include figures for independent productions. Whilst this would be problematical as a ‘living-wage’ employment statistic – most indie productions are stipend or fee-based, deferred payment or non-waged – it would give a sense of how many performance opportunities are being made available for female actors, which is where this conversation began.