Empire Theatre Projects Company: April’s Fool (season)

21 June, 2010 by 1 Comment

Black Toyota presents an Empire Theatre Project Company production of

April’s Fool

12&13 August – 8pm Oakey Cultural Centre
17 August, Chinchilla Cultural Centre
18 August, Great Hall, Dalby High School
19 August, Ipswich Civic Centre
24-26 August, Judith Wright Centre

A true story of love, family, strength…and the choices we make. In April 2009, twoweeks short of his nineteenth birthday, Toowoomba teenager Kristjan Terauds died due to complications from illicit drug use.

Inspired by ‘April’s Fool’, an account of his son’s death by Kristjan’s father, the Empire Theatre commissioned award-winning playwright, David Burton to bring this story to the stage.

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