Free Range 2011: !Metro Arts – to begin at the beginning …

With all the talk of free range and incubation models, it was probably inevitable that I started thinking of chicken and egg metaphors as I prepped to talk with Daniel Evans, Jo Thomas and Steven Mitchell Wright this week. All are involved with the 6th Free Range Festival which occupies nearly the whole of the month of June each year at !Metro Arts’ Edward Street, Brisbane home.

It’s going to be a busy barnyard from 3rd to 28th this year. As the press release notes about the Free Range program, it

will bring together an eclectic group of independent performance makers to seed new ideas and evolve new work through a challenging, intense and inspiring month-long program.

Dan Evans tells me more about the process of getting this stimulating and immersive experience up and running. Continue reading “Free Range 2011: !Metro Arts – to begin at the beginning …”