Review: The Timely Death of Victor Blott – Dead Puppet Society at !Metro Arts Independents

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Originally published May 5, 2010

Puppet theatre (~ Punch and Judy), c.
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What is it about puppets? Doesn't matter what form they take, what cultural background they spring from - and they've been all over the place for milennia - puppetry remains one of the most popular and compelling performance forms in world theatre. It's probably an extension of our fascination with the craft and art of human representation, and provides the comfort of a more innocent age of amusement, harking as it does back to childhood. Not all puppetry is playful, however. Some of the world's great puppet theatres contain terrifyingly blood-thirsty plotlines and special effects designed to shock and scare the audience silly; Mr Punch from the British tradition is no exception. In Australia we've run the gamut from quaint to quirky. Our most famous puppeteers include Peter Scriven, the creator of The Tintookies who toured for the Australian Elizabethan Trust in the 1950s, and Richard Bradshaw, whose whimsical shadow puppetry owes much to the great European shadow plays as well as the Indonesian Wayang Kulit. Currently touring Australia is the Erth Dinosaur Petting Zoo with its giant dinosaur puppets delighting and scaring the littlies silly, if this video is any indication. Definitely not for the small folk, though possibly even more terrifying is the ... ahem ... artistry of the hugely successful Puppetry of the Penis duo, Australians Simon Morley and David Friend. Meanwhile, another home-grown troupe of live actors and puppeteers, accompanied by a little friend are currently playing in the !Metro Arts Independents Season in Brisbane. In a westernised version of the grand traditional Japanese Bunraku or 'doll theatre' (which we saw most recently at work in the touring Avenue Q), Dead Puppet Society under the direction of David Morton bring us The Timely Death of Victor Blott written by Maxine Mellor. This is one definitely not for the faint-hearted. Audiences are warned in a foyer notice that the play contains themes that may 'shock and offend.' Continue reading Review: The Timely Death of Victor Blott – Dead Puppet Society at !Metro Arts Independents