2012 Groundlings Awards – Nominees

Voting is now open in the 2012 Groundling Awards. Thanks to everyone who sent in your nominations since the start of January. The people have spoken!

First up, a couple of things to note: you may vote only once and, in the interests of fair play and to avoid ballot crashing or spamming, multiple, identical votes from the same IPA address will be disqualified. Voting will close at 5pm on Sunday, 10th February. Here are the nominees in each category for your consideration.

2012 Categories:

Outstanding Contribution by an Actor

Brian Probets (As You Like It; 1984) Dash Kruck (A Tribute of Sorts) Hugh Parker (Kelly, 1984)

Outstanding Contribution by an Actress

Nelle Lee (1984) Margi Brown Ash (Eve; Home) Emily Curtin (A Tribute of Sorts)

Outstanding Contribution by a Director

Benjamin Schostakowski (A Tribute of Sorts) Michael Futcher (1984) Tim O'Connor (Hairspray)

Outstanding Contribution to Set Design

Simone Romaniuk (Body of Work includes Elizabeth - almost by chance a woman; Kelly; Bombshells) Josh McIntosh (Body of Work includes The Wizard of Oz; Hairspray) Bev Jensen (Home)

Outstanding Contribution to Costume Design

Noni Harrison (Body of work includes Underground; The Harbinger) Simone Romaniuk (Body of work includes Elizabeth - almost by chance a woman; Kelly; Bombshells) Josh McIntosh (Body of Work includes Hairspray; 1984; The Never Ending Story)

Outstanding Contribution to Lighting Design

Jason Glenwright (Body of Work includes A Tribute of Sorts; 1984) Ben Hughes (Body of Work includes Home; Kelly) David Walters (Body of Work includes As You Like It; Elizabeth - almost by chance a woman)

Outstanding Contribution to Sound Design or Composition

Brett Collery (Performance Anxiety) Guy Webster (Body of Work includes As You Like It; 1984; Kelly) Moshlo (Eve)

Outstanding Contribution to Multimedia Design

Optikal Bloc Peter Foley Markwell Presents

Outstanding Contribution to Innovative Theatre Practice

Monsters Appear The Danger Ensemble 1984: shake and stir theatre company

Best New Play in an Inaugural Queensland Season

 1984 by George Orwell adapted by Nick Skubij and Nelle Lee - shake and stir theatre company A Tribute of Sorts - Monsters Appear and La Boite Indie Kelly by Matthew Ryan - Queensland Theatre Company

Best Production

1984 by George Orwell adapted by Nick Skubij and Nelle Lee; shake and stir theatre company Directed by Michael Futcher A Tribute of Sorts - Monsters Appear and La Boite Indie; Directed by Benjamin Schostakowski Eve - the nest ensemble and Metro Arts; Directed by Leah Mercer

Best Musical Theatre Production

Hairspray - Harvest Rain Theatre Company Directed by Tim O'Connor The Wizard of Oz - Harvest Rain Theatre Company Directed by Tim O'Connor Underground - Motherboard Productions Directed by Jeremy Neideck Produced by Dave Sleswick

Best Co-Production

 A Hoax - La Boite Theatre Company and Griffin Theatre (Sydney) Managing Carmen - Queensland Theatre Company and Black Swan Theatre Company (Perth) A Tribute of Sorts - La Boite Indie and Monsters Appear

Outstanding Contribution to Queensland theatre

Bille Brown AM for his contribution to our theatre, his inspiration, and his legacy Wesley Enoch for his body of work as an artist and for leadership in the theatre community shake and stir theatre company for providing quality productions and access to theatre for young Queenslanders  

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2012 Groundlings Nominees … some stats

Dear Greenroomers a quick note from the 2012 Groundlings tally room as our cleverly-automated sort, collate and count database is in full swing. We're sorting the thousands of individual nominations in all of the award categories received from our dear readers over the past month. We're on track to publish the nominees this evening. There is no doubt that The Groundlings - the only peoples' choice awards for professional, Queensland-made theatre - have increased in popularity since we began 3 years ago. This was to provide another avenue to spread the word about the work being done in the state, to wear our hearts on our sleeves but, more importantly, to say 'Well done' to Queensland's theatre artists and creatives. Greenroom's readership and word of mouth has generated a great response this year. We thank you all - marvellous theatre lovers that you are! This year's nominations in 14 categories - with a possible 3 nominations allowed in each category - were made by 335 individuals.  In 2011 there were 196 individual nominators and, in our first year of operation 2010, there were 128 individuals who nominated in at least one category. For your interest, the majority of nominations focussed on the Actor, Actress, Director, and Best Production categories whilst the majority of those who nominated did not nominate in all categories nor did they nominate more than one candidate in each category. This is probably because individuals felt they were unable to nominate in categories for which they had no interest or information. Fair enough. The fan base in the Actor, Actress, Director, and Production categories is very clear!
The number of individual nominators for the years 2010-12
Individual nominators by discrete email addresses for the years 2010-12
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Awards Time

You'd have to be living under a rock not to be aware that in a rush of blood and self-congratulation the entertainment industry in Australia and elsewhere is having a love-fest and celebrating itself over and over with awards ceremonies. It's that time of year. The Groundlings - the people's choice awards for excellence in Queensland theatre in 2010 - is now done and dusted. The winners were published today. Today the Queensland theatre's Matilda Awards' nominees were announced. Congratulations to all nominees and to the committee and judges who work to support the industry in our state. What's certain is that with the talent we have in Queensland we have a lot to celebrate and a theatre future that is looking bright.

Nominations are in!

... and we're counting! No more nominations can be accepted for the inaugural 2010 Groundling Awards. Thanks to all who sent in their favourites - even to those who sent them in after the deadline! Sorry, but we can't count these. We're now collating the nominations to determine the top 3 in every category. We will have these ready for you to cast your votes from next week. The winners will be announced with much fanfare (here) on 14 February. Stand by!

Groundling nominations close in 7 days

We've been thrilled with the response to a call for nominations for the inaugural Groundling awards. They've been coming in steadily since nominations opened at the start of December, but there are only seven days to go now before we close the door and start the count to decide the people's choice for outstanding contributions in acting, directing, writing, design and contributions to the industry in Queensland. You can nominate up to three in every one of the twelve categories. You don't have to of course but, whether you choose to nominate only one person in one category or go for the lot, do get your nomination in before midnight next Tuesday, February 1, 2011. That's when nominations close. At this point the nominations will be collated, and the top three in each category will go forward to the vote. Voting will commence on Monday 7th February and close at midnight on Sunday February 13th. The winners will be announced here and on other social networks on February 14th. Click the big green button up there on the right and go for it!

The 2010 Groundling Awards: time to nominate

The Groundlings are a people's choice award. You nominate the individuals or productions or programs for each category.

You can submit up to 3 (three) nominations beside each of the 12 (twelve) categories listed below, but only once please. When nominations close on February 1, 2011, Greenroom will collate and post the three highest scoring nominees in each category and publish them here. At this stage the voting process will begin, and you will be the voters. The winners of the inaugural Groundlings will be announced on February 14, 2011.  But first, the nominations ... Please note that Groundlings will only be awarded to Queensland theatre-makers. Yes, we're proudly parochial. Greenroom's focus, as per its byline, is on Professional and Independent theatre in Queensland.  Amateur and community theatre productions are not eligible for an award. Co-productions qualify but only insofar as nominees are Queensland residents. There is a separate category for the Best Co-production anyway. CATEGORIES All categories refer to work during the calendar year of Season 2010.
  • Outstanding contribution by an Actor
  • Outstanding contribution by a Director
  • Outstanding contribution by an individual to Set Design
  • Outstanding contribution by an individual to Costume Design
  • Outstanding contribution by an individual to Lighting Design
  • Outstanding contribution by an individual to Sound Design
  • Best new play in an inaugural Queensland production
  • Best Production by a Queensland Independent or Subsidised Company
  • Best Co-Production
  • Outstanding contribution by an organisation to the Independent theatre sector in Queensland
  • Best Community Outreach Program by any Company or group
  • Best Use of Social Media by any company or group
HOW TO NOMINATE Click here This will take you to the nomination page where you will find a listing of  all categories pre-printed for your convenience. There is also a button on most of Greenroom's pages which will also take you to the nomination page. You can fill in up to three nominees in all or just some categories. Order doesn't matter. When you are finished, click the submit button at the bottom of the submission form page. HOW THE NOMINATIONS WILL BE COLLATED When nominations close at midnight on February 1, 2011, Greenroom will total all the nominations. When this is done - and it may take a day or so - the 3 (three) highest-scoring nominees in each category will be published for voting here on Greenroom. HOW FINAL VOTING WILL HAPPEN Voting will be done via an automated Word Press plugin, and results will be available on Greenroom on February 14. The day has significance! To avoid any taint of conflict of interest, Greenroom will not be nominating or casting any votes.

So, companies and individuals please spread the word, and start your nominations. Yes, Virginia, you can nominate yourself or your company. Here come the Groundlings!