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With a few notable exceptions - !Metro Arts in Edward Street, The Roundhouse at Kelvin Grove, and the Judith Wright Centre in the Valley - most of the major theatre premises in Brisbane have been damaged in some way as a direct result of the incursion of floodwaters last week. Fixtures and fittings and stock, costumes, props and tools have been destroyed.  Some theatres are planning to reopen again today and continue their business; others will be dark for some time. Performances have been cancelled or postponed. For those theatre buildings directly affected by the flooding, especially those by the river - QPAC and Queensland Theatre Company's home at 78 Montague Road - the task of just wading in and cleaning up was daunting. They weren't the only places affected, of course. Many, for example, turned out to help Drift Restaurant at Milton, a favourite spot for indie cabaret-style shows. Continue reading Getting on …

Aladdin and the Mysterious Magical Lamp: Harvest Rain Theatre Company at Cremorne QPAC

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a pantomime by Sarah McIntosh with Tim O'Connor
PERFORMANCES 6th - 22nd January 2011 Tues to Sat 11am Fri 7.30pm Sat 2pm & 7.30pm VENUE Cremorne Theatre, QPAC TICKETS All tickets $30 (plus booking and transaction fees) DIRECTOR Sarah McIntosh DESIGNER Josh McIntosh MUSIC DIRECTOR Kylie Morris LIGHTING DESIGNER Jason Glenwright FEATURING Jessica Harm, Cameron Hurry, Dash Kruck, Bryan Probets, Liz Skitch and Steven Tandy with Petah Chapman, Clare Finlayson, Jack Kelly, Nahima Kern and Alexandra Valentine

Ready for some tweet-reviews?

Talk about leading the pack! Greenroom wrote about this last November. We thought we'd strut our stuff and republish our comments from back then as La Boite Theatre encourages its audiences to tweet their reviews of I Love You Bro' opening this week at the Roundhouse. No tweeting during the show now, unless of course you sit in the back row and get permission first, as @h_suarez did for King Lear at QPAC recently. Hannah Suarez, incidentally, is the social networking savvy marketing director for The Brisbane Festival. There's been some swift (rather than considered) responses from the social networking crowd in the last 24 hours or so about whether or not tweeting during a show should be 'allowed.'  This was sparked by queries from La Boite and Bell Shakespeare in Twitter and on Facebook. We smell marketing departments at work!  In response, the FB crowd have said 'No way,' and, hardly surprisingly, the Twitter crew were more open-minded.  Always good to challenge received practice and the status quo in the arts though, isn't it? We can't wait to see which theatre here will be the first either to allocate back rows or declare an 'open-twitter' performance for those who wish to tweet and carry on the conversation during a show - without disturbing the performers or rest of the audience of course. A passing phase maybe? Who would dare to predict ...

29 November, 2009 Eurobeat: almost Eurovision opens at QPAC's Lyric Theatre this week for a season through December 5.  QPAC is hosting a gathering before the opening performance on Wednesday.  They're calling it Eurotweet and have invited a flock of 'Twitterati' who will get to tweet their thoughts before, during, and after what we hear is a very funny show - 'don't wear mascara to Eurobeat' says their website.   The audience will also be using their mobile phones to vote the winners.  Could this be a first for Brisbane theatre?  Might it be a last?  Somehow, we think not ... a monster has been unleased. Continue reading Ready for some tweet-reviews?

This Week in Queensland Theatre: May 31-June 6

A lonely yellow chair
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As June rolls in there's a definite hint of creative development in the Brisbane theatre air.  !MetroArts leads the charge with a month long self-styled, drop-in house party Free Range. Across town La Boite is back with The Chairs, and Queensland Theatre Company with Fat Pig.  The Restaged History Project people are back at the Powerhouse with Youth VS Physics, Empire Theatre opens Cosi in Toowoomba, and JUTE  in Cairns has Dancing Back Home. You can even catch some acrobatics in KGS in Brisbane on Friday and dance, slam-poetry and digitalised music at !MetroArts during the week. Something for everyone really. Opening: Fat Pig by Neil LaBute Dir Morgan Dowsett: Queensland Theatre Company at Bille Brown Studio The Chairs by Eugene Ionesco Dir Brian Lucas: La Boite Theatre Company at the Roundhouse Theatre Cosi by Louis Nowra Dir Sam Atwell: Empire Theatre Projects Company, Empire Theatre (Toowoomba) Dancing Back Home by Rod Ainsworth, Victoria Carless, Finegan Kruckmeyer, Amy Losiak, Carrie McLean and Inn O'Branagain: a JUTE/Mudlark Theatre co-production (Cairns) Youth VS Physics - Restaged Histories Project at the Powerhouse, New Farm Lights Please! Dance, slam-poetry and digitalised music: !Metro Arts, Edward Street. Other Free Range Houseparty creative development workshops.  Drop in throughout the month.  !MetroArts Blind Date - acrobatics and other fun King George Square, City (Friday)

This Week in Queensland Theatre: 17-23 May

Exterior of the Old Museum Building in Brisbane.
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Continuing: Stockholm: STC for La Boite Theatre at the Roundhouse The Timely Death of Victor Blott Dead Puppet Society at !Metro Arts King Lear: Bell Shakespeare for Queensland Theatre Company at Playhouse, QPAC Dante’s Inferno: Zen Zen Zo at the Old Museum Building Songs for a New World: Harvest Rain Theatre Company at JWCoCA Greenroom Reviews: Stockholm (Kate Foy) The Timely Death of Victor Blott (Kate Foy) Other: Resetting the Agenda: professional development workshop for artists presented by BCC at !Metro Arts. (Tuesday - Wednesday)

This week in Queensland Theatre: 3-9 May 2010

Zen Zen Zo supporting Amanda Palmer
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Opening: The Timely Death of Victor Blott at !Metro Arts King Lear: Bell Shakespeare for Queensland Theatre Company at Playhouse, QPAC Dante's Inferno: Zen Zen Zo at the Old Museum Building Continuing: Let the Sunshine: Queensland Theatre Company at Cremorne, QPAC Waiting for Godot: Queensland Theatre Company at Bille Brown Studio Stockholm: STC for La Boite Theatre at the Roundhouse Greenroom Reviews: Waiting for Godot (Dave Burton) Stockholm (Kate Foy)