David Megarrity (Interview 39)

I am chatting via Skype to David Megarrity, composer, performer, teacher, theatre-maker, and doctoral student. David is about to open (with Samuel Vincent) in the two-man production GENTLEMEN SONGSTERS for the Brisbane Cabaret Festival. I'm keen to hear more about the 'gentlemen songsters with ukeleles' and, of course, why they have turned to this sweet little instrument. During my time as a student in Honolulu I came to love its sound, something that seemed to be everywhere ... part of the daily soundtrack of life in the islands. Since those days the ukelele has popped up everywhere - perhaps because it's so democratic. We'll get to that and to Tyrone and Lesley later, but we start by talking about David's background and how, as part of his doctoral research, he is investigating the intersection of music and performance. Continue reading David Megarrity (Interview 39)