Review: Rumour Has It: 60 minutes inside Adele – The Little Red Company at Judith Wright Centre of Contemporary Art

Image: Dylan Evans

Confession – until last year when I heard Naomi Price was appearing in a stand-up piece (Cheer the Fuck Up, Adele) for the Broadway Unplugged series at Stockholm Syndrome, I assumed Adele was a character she had created. Then (old fogey me) I found out there was a real Adele (Adele Laurie Blue Adkins) singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist – a hugely talented young Englishwoman. OK, intrigued now I listened to some of her music (thank you Spotify), checked out the considerable discography and the awards (my goodness and still so young) and then there was SKYFALL and the Best Song Oscar and … well, there you go.

So, I guess I have to thank Naomi Price for introducing me some time back to the fantastic (real-life) Adele. As I listened to Adele and her songs for the first time, what came back to me was the sound and spirit of some of the great rock, R&B and jazz divas of the past like Aretha and Janis and Reba – also first-name goddesses to me and many others.

And then, last night,  Ms Price (another talented, young Brit) brought her Adele to life in the cheeky, gutsy, quite stunningly good  Rumour Has It …  Devised by Naomi and collaborator Adam Brunes, with original musical arrangements by Jason McGregor, Michael Manikus and Ms Price herself, it’s now playing a sold out (or was close to last night), 3 night season at the Judith Wright Centre in Brisbane’s Brunswick Street. Continue reading Review: Rumour Has It: 60 minutes inside Adele – The Little Red Company at Judith Wright Centre of Contemporary Art

Circus: a double bill – The Brink at JWCoCA

The Brink presents a double bill of circus at the Judith Wright Centre of Contemporary Arts featuring the World Premiere of Natano Faanana’s new work, Baggage Carousel followed by Jess Love’s And The Little One Said.

Ever wondered what it’s like to grow up in the world of circus? Natano Faanana’s comically endearing new work Baggage Carousel takes the audience on a journey of discovery; following three teenage Brisbane circus stars as they share their personal stories on stage.

Growing up as a teenager has its ups and downs. But growing up as a teenage circus performer has its ups, downs, twists and half turns. What happens when the little cutesy star of a show turns into a teenager? When did the lanky, uncoordinated, nervous boy become a man? Why does the teenage girl who turned heads because of her height and talent now turn heads for other reasons?

In his directorial debut, circus legend Natano Faanana (Briefs) explores the inevitable shift from child star to their next incarnation. Three of Brisbane’s brightest young circus artists, T’La Morrow, Rhett Morrow and Abbey Church, recount their slightly charming but mostly awkward and confronting transitional years into adulthood.

Baggage Carousel is an energetic, engaging and truly intimate performance.

The second show within this double bill is the award-winning sell-out premiere season of And The Little One Said. Don’t miss Jess Love of The Candy Butchers and her “hilarious” but “death defying” and “charming” solo show.

Through dark clowning, dirty acrobatics and surreal sideshow feats including roller- skating and a hula-hoop this brilliantly skilful, quirky comedienne creates carefully crafted circus through clever storytelling, awe-inspiring imagery and a healthy dose of slapstick.

Written and performed by Jess Love (Circus Oz, Circa) and directed by Stephen Burton, And The Little One Said combines high-level circus skills with pathos, humour and beauty to create a performance that is touching, enchanting and playful.

The Brink is a celebration of Australia’s newest and most exciting circus companies.