It’s Matildas Night in Brisbane

Tonight is the night the Brisbane theatre community has been waiting for – the announcement of the Matilda Awards for achievement in theatre during the past 12 months or, rather, during Season 2010. The Judith Wright Centre of Contemporary Art is hosting the event, and it bids fair to be a great night for all. We tip that controversies will flow after the event, as they always do but, hey, what’s an award ceremony without a bit of bite. The main thing is to celebrate the achievements of the nominees and the winners and, by extension, the work of the local theatre industry which grows year by year. Good luck to everyone and to the committee of the Matildas who keep them going year after year.

… and we hope someone will be live-tweeting the event for those who can’t be there.

iPhones in the Theatre

Apart from the obvious – TURN THEM OFF – subtle, humorous and not so subtle prompts as the house-lights dim, and notwithstanding the current debate on whether or not audience members or reviewers should ‘live-tweet’ a show from #tweetseats, there are lots of opportunities to capture images as aides memoires to a particular theatre experience … and not just on the iPhone of course, but other pocket-friendly phones as well.

I snapped this one as I left the Roundhouse in Brisbane on the opening night of I Love You Bro’ from La Boite Theatre. It’s a terrific poster corridor not dissimilar to the one in the Bille Brown Studio for Queensland Theatre Company and the loooong walk down to Wharf 1 and 2 theatres at Sydney Theatre Co.

By the way, who else loves theatre posters?

You might be interested in some shots I’ve taken of theatres round the world.

And the other side of the business of iPhones in the theatre – some earlier posts on apps for iPhone toting actors (from Groundling)