First quarterly report: jobs onstage

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Here it is. Further to an earlier post Jobs for the girls: logging the stats and as promised, herewith the first of 4 planned reports of cast numbers in programmed productions for both subsidised companies in Brisbane in 2011. Plays include: Julius Caesar; Boy Girl Wall (La Boite) and Sacré Bleu; Man=Man & The Elephant Calf; Water Falling Down - opens this week (Queensland Theatre Company)  


As at 4.4.11
  Any errors or omissions, please let us know. Not included in the stats is employment in play-readings, workshops and other creative development activities for both companies which, to be fair, include job opportunities for actors. A much better and fuller picture would include figures for independent productions. Whilst this would be problematical as a 'living-wage' employment statistic - most indie productions are stipend or fee-based, deferred payment or non-waged - it would give a sense of how many performance opportunities are being made available for female actors, which is where this conversation began.

Jobs for the girls? Logging the stats

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Equality When subsidised theatre companies announce their seasons for the year, one of the hottest topics around relates to an industrial issue - employment opportunities. Whilst there is also great interest in what shows will be produced, it's the jobs and casting that draw the attention of a city's artists and creatives. As to the issue of gender equity in role opportunities - 2011 is not a good year for female actors in Brisbane. The 2011 mainstage season plays for both Brisbane subsidised companies have more male roles - considerably more - than female. Whilst employment in a mainstage production is not the whole picture for a professional theatre actor - there are other job opportunities in the sector from play readings, teaching, touring in educational programs and from non-award waged engagement in various independent projects in the city - there is no doubt that a contract for a show produced by QTC or La Boite is highly prized. Gender-blind casting notwithstanding, it became clear early on that there were going to be far more jobs for the boys this year at QTC and La Boite. Continue reading Jobs for the girls? Logging the stats