Seven Years On: Melanie Zanetti (Interview 42)

Image: cinemagia A few months ago, on a misty, cool morning here on the hill, thoughts turned to a time when the (then) third and final year acting majors at USQ were preparing for a big outdoor production of Macbeth as part of the (then) Shakespeare in Queen's Park Festival in Toowoomba. Seven years on I was thinking that way probably because the (then) Producer in me would be anxiously scanning the skies for signs of rain during the lead up to and performance season. I'm sure it's a scientific furphy, but 'they' say that in seven years all the cells in our body have reconstituted themselves, so that means we are all different - but the same! Seven like three, is a special number ... but I digress. That was (then); this is (now). Continue reading Seven Years On: Melanie Zanetti (Interview 42)