Dear Brisbane Theatre … Who’s the media?

As I write this, an Arts Queensland sponsored tech forum 'LowFi' is just finishing up in Brisbane. I was due to attend what was planned as a day-long gathering of speakers, workshops and quick conversations on digital media and its application in the arts. I couldn't make it so I've been following the proceedings today via hashtag on Twitter. Some of the tweets sang the social-media mantra re developing relationships with 'customers,' and not just using social media as a marketing add-on. Yes, of course, but the strategies and the actual daily process of using social media for marketing - for getting the word out and engaging with potential and current audience members - are still being discovered and developed. In a time when arts coverage appears to be receiving less coverage in 'big media' there is both challenge and opportunity for individual theatre companies to change the landscape of the wider media modus operandi. (The embedded tweets below are from today's LowFi twitter stream)

#lowfi it's not just about digital marketing guys!
Leah Barclay
RT @ 'All online interaction is a performance of some kind' @ at #lowfi #LoFi
Alex Adsett
At a gathering of pre-show theatre barflies downstairs from !MetroArts in Verve Caf√© (in the dark corner up the end) the conversation turned last Saturday night to the local buzz - barflies are good at buzz. One fly was heard to say how exciting it all was - that very night audiences would be able to see a couple of shows back to back if they chose to, and wouldn't more late-night theatre in the city in small, welcoming venues be a thrill? Another opined that Brisbane was a get up and go to bed early town so, maybe not. Another was quite hopeful but felt that it would take time for people to get used to the idea. It was all about building audiences - that's the challenge - all agreed. Of course, the barflies buzzed on about other things like the quality of the work being seen around the city, and so on. It was time for the first show, and then the second, but then ... Continue reading Dear Brisbane Theatre … Who’s the media?