Got any BITS to share?

The BITS festival is an open access, non-curated weekend event held in Brisbane from November 26-28 for independent theatre makers to showcase their work. BITS is calling proactive artists to present bits of their work, which could take the form of a completed performance, extract or scene from a past or future planned production, work in progress, workshop, demonstration, exploration of an idea in public, or simply a discussion of an idea.  BITS welcomes any type of act including, but not limited to, traditional theatre, song, dance, circus, burlesque, cabaret and improvisation works. There is no selection process for BITS. Acts will be assigned a time slot at one of our amazing venues.  Participants will have information about their acts featured in BITS advertising and programme literature. NEW TO BITS THIS YEAR – QUICK BITS 48 HOUR CHALLENGE! Participants in QUICK BITS 48 HOUR CHALLENGE will be given a stimulus and asked to formulate a piece within 48 hours.  Acts will be presented prior to the BITS wrap party to be held at Tribal theatre. We want you to show us your best bits at BITS festival 2010. For more information on BITS Festival please visit

Flloyd Kennedy (Interview 3)

Image of Flloyd Kennedy
Brisbane has the right to a healthy layer of DIY theatre - partially supported and encouraged, venue or company based - in professional, independent companies that evolve.  People need to be empowered to work outside the prevalent bureaucratic funding model. My passion is theatre where performers do their thing - performers in an empty room - not big sets and costume stuff.  Then the audience brings its own life, energy and imagination to it; that's the kind of theatre I love - that's fringe.
I spoke a little while back with Flloyd Kennedy actor, blogger, voice-coach, theatre-maker and enthusiast.  She's so committed to the importance of theatre-making that she (initially) single-handedly organised the inaugural one-day Bits Festival of fringe theatre held in Brisbane last November.  I was intrigued by the concept and keen to talk with Flloyd about what brought her to do such an extraordinary thing - creating a fringe festival event from scratch is hardly for the faint of heart, but then that's not a label that would stick long to Flloyd.
... there is still not the opportunity here for audiences to experience new ideas or for rough, raw, experimental work to get a first showing. There's still a missing layer.. Continue reading Flloyd Kennedy (Interview 3)