2011 Groundlings: the winners!

Here's Greenroom's annual touch of love on Valentine's Day.
Warmest congratulations to the following winners of the 2011 Groundling Awards for Queensland Theatre.
Thank you to all those who nominated and those who voted in the second year of the state's people's choice awards.
Athough there are no shiny trophies, certificates, or galas where you can applaud and shout, 'Hoorah!' all nominees can all bask in the knowledge that your work is admired and respected by your audiences. Well done!
Greenroom will follow up soon with another post on some intriguing facts and figures we've gathered during the Groundlings nomination and voting process. Follow us on Twitter or Facebook to keep posted.
Thank you to Claire Christian, Youth Director Empire Theatre Toowoomba for her assistance in scrutinising the results.


2011 Groundling Awards

Outstanding Contribution by an Actor: Bryan Probets - body of Work including Edward Gant’s Amazing Feats of Loneliness (La Boite Theatre Company); Animal Farm (shake and stir theatre company) Pygmalion (QTC) Outstanding Contribution by an Actress: Nelle Lee - Animal Farm (shake and stir theatre company) Outstanding Contribution by a Director: Steven Mitchell Wright - The Hamlet Apocalypse (The Danger Ensemble/La Boite Indie) Outstanding Contribution to Set Design: Josh McIntosh - body of work including Animal Farm (shake and stir theatre company) Outstanding Contribution to Costume Design: Josh McIntosh - body of work including Aladdin (Harvest Rain Theatre Company) and Animal Farm (shake and stir theatre company) Outstanding Contribution to Lighting Design: Ben Hughes body of work including Orphans and Fractions (QTC) The Hamlet Apocalypse (The Danger Ensemble/La Boite Indie), and Studio Shorts (JUTE). Outstanding Contribution to Sound Design or Composition: Guy Webster body of work including Water Wars (Umber Productions/La Boite Indie and Empire Theatre Projects Company) Animal Farm (shake and stir theatre company), and Ruben Guthrie (La Boite Theatre Company). Outstanding Contribution to Multimedia Design: Dead Puppet Society with The Harbinger (Dead Puppet Society/La Boite Indie) Outstanding Contribution to Innovative Theatre Practice: Steven Mitchell Wright & The Danger Ensemble for pushing performance and theatrical boundaries Best New Play in an Inaugural Queensland Season: Animal Farm by George Orwell, adapted  by Nick Skubij (shake and stir theatre company) Best Production: The Hamlet Apocalypse The Danger Ensemble/La Boite Indie Best Musical Theatre Production: Cabaret Zen Zen Zo Best Co-Production: Edward Gant's Amazing Feats of Loneliness - La Boite Theatre Company and STC Outstanding Contribution to Queensland theatre: Tim O'Connor & Harvest Rain Theatre Company for the company’s contribution to the development of a sustainable independent theatre model (Brisbane)

2011 Groundling Awards: Nominees

Voting is now open in the 2011 Groundling Awards. Thanks to the many hundreds of you who sent in your nominations since the start of January. The people have spoken! Click on this hotlink to register your vote on the ballot paper VOTING WILL CLOSE at 5pm on Friday, 10th February. First up, a couple of things to note: you may vote only once and, in the interests of fair play and to avoid ballot crashing or spamming, multiple, identical votes from the same IPA address will be disqualified. Voting will close at 5pm on Friday, 10th February. Here are the nominees in each category for your consideration. Hot links on nominees' names will take you to their webpage or related materials for further information.

2011 Categories:

Outstanding Contribution by an Actor

Leon Cain (Orphans - QTC) Bryan Probets (Body of Work including Edward Gant's Amazing Feats of Loneliness- La Boite; Animal Farm - Shake and Stir; Pygmalion - QTC) Lucas Stibbard (restaged season of boy girl wall - La Boite)

Outstanding Contribution by an Actress

Melanie Zanetti (Pygmalion - QTC) Amy Ingram (Rabbit: the good room - Metro Arts) Nelle Lee (Animal Farm - shake and stir theatre company)

Outstanding Contribution by a Director

Steven Mitchell Wright (The Hamlet Apocalypse for The Danger Ensemble/La Boite Indie) Tim O'Connor (JC Superstar for Harvest Rain Theatre Company) Shaun Charles (Water Wars for Umber Productions/La Boite Indie) Michael Futcher (Animal Farm for Shake and Stir)

Outstanding Contribution to Set Design

Josh McIntosh (Body of work including Animal Farm) Penelope Challen (Water Wars) Simone Romaniuk (Fractions)

Outstanding Contribution to Costume Design

Romance Was Born (Edward Gant's Amazing Feats of Loneliness) Josh McIntosh (Body of work including Aladdin and Animal Farm) Stephen Curtis (Pygmalion)

Outstanding Contribution to Lighting Design

David Walters (Body of Work and innovation in Water Wars for sustainable lighting practices) Jason Glenwright (Body of Work including Ruben GuthrieAnimal Farm) Ben Hughes (Body of Work including OrphansFractionsThe Hamlet ApocalypseStudio Shorts JUTE)

Outstanding Contribution to Sound Design or Composition

Guy Webster (Body of Work including Water WarsAnimal FarmRuben Guthrie) Dane Alexander (The Hamlet Apocalypse)

Outstanding Contribution to Multimedia Design

Freddy Komp (Body of work including Water WarsEmpire Burning) Dead Puppet Society  (The Harbinger)

Outstanding Contribution to Innovative Theatre Practice

Paul Osuch and Anywhere Theatre Festival for creating an imaginative infrastructure for theatre-making Umber Productions and its contribution to sustainable theatre practice through the production of Water Wars Steven Mitchell Wright and the Danger Ensemble for pushing performance and theatrical boundaries

Best New Play in an Inaugural Queensland Season

Water Wars by Elaine Acworth - Umber Productions/La Boite Indie/Empire Projects Company Animal Farm  by George Orwell, adapted  by Nick Skubij (shake and stir theatre company) Fractions by Marcel Dorney - Queensland Theatre Company

Best Production

The Hamlet Apocalypse - The Danger Ensemble/La Boite Indie Animal Farm - shake and stir Water Wars - Umber Productions/La Boite Indie

Best Musical Theatre Production

Cabaret - Zen Zen Zo Spring Awakening - Oscar Theatre Company Jesus Christ Superstar - (return season) Harvest Rain Theatre Company

Best Co-Production

Faustus (QTC and Bell Shakespeare) Edward Gant's Amazing Feats of Loneliness (La Boite and STC) No Man's Land (QTC and STC)

Outstanding Contribution to Queensland theatre

Brendan O'Connor and Terri Brabon (Producers) for the development of the long-running project Shakespeare Under the Stars (Townsville) Julie Whiting (Founder and Musical Director Blue Fish Theatrical) for leadership in the development of musical theatre training (Brisbane) Tim O'Connor (Artistic Director) and Harvest Rain Theatre Company for the company's contribution to the development of a sustainable independent theatre model (Brisbane)

2011 Groundling Awards Nominations are open …

Thanks to anyone485 on Flickr for the image

Greenroom’s The Groundlings are a people’s choice award. You nominate the individuals or productions for each category.

You can submit up to 3 (three) nominations beside each of the 14 (fourteen) categories listed below, but only once please. Please note that Groundlings will only be awarded to Queensland theatre-makers. Yes, we’re proudly parochial.

focus, as per its byline, is on Professional and Independent theatre in Queensland.

Amateur, community and student theatre productions are not eligible for a Groundling award. Nominations will not be considered. Co-productions qualify but only insofar as nominees are Queensland residents. There is a separate category for the Best Co-production anyway.

2011 Categories:

  • Outstanding Contribution by an Actor
  • Outstanding Contribution by an Actress
  • Outstanding Contribution by a Director
  • Outstanding Contribution to Set Design
  • Outstanding Contribution to Costume Design
  • Outstanding Contribution to Lighting Design
  • Outstanding Contribution to Sound Design or Composition
  • Outstanding Contribution to Multimedia Design
  • Outstanding Contribution to Innovative Theatre Practice
  • Best New Play in an Inaugural Queensland Season
  • Best Production 
  • Best Musical Theatre Production 
  • Best Co-Production
  • Outstanding Contribution to Queensland theatre
HOW TO NOMINATE Go to the nomination page where you will find a listing of  all categories pre-printed for your convenience. You can fill in up to (3) three nominees in all or just in some categories. Order doesn’t matter. When you are finished, click the submit button at the bottom of the submission form page. You may only submit one nomination mail message. HOW THE NOMINATIONS WILL BE COLLATED Nominations close at midnight on 31 January, 2012. Greenroom will then total all the nominations. The 3 (three) highest-scoring nominees in each category will be published for voting here on Greenroom. We anticipate this will happen on 1st February or very close to this day. HOW FINAL VOTING WILL HAPPEN Voting will be done via an automated Word Press plugin, and results will be available on Greenroom on February 14, 2012. The day has significance! To avoid any taint of conflict of interest, Greenroom will not be nominating or casting any votes.

So, companies and individuals please spread the word, and start your nominations. Yes, Virginia, you can nominate yourself or your company. Here come the Groundlings!

The World Theatre Day Message for 2011

It's been a tradition for the International Theatre Institute to ask a leading theatre practitioner to create the message for World Theatre Day. It's also something of a tradition for companies to read the message before the curtain on performances on WTD and/or to post it on callboards or in foyers. This year WTD falls on Sunday March 27. Last year it was Judi Dench's turn to meditate on theatre; the year before - Augusto Boal. This year it is from Jessica Kaawha from Uganda. It's sobering, uplifting and inspirational. I was alerted to it this morning via a tweet from the World Theatre Day blog.
It's here! The #WTD11 Message!! This year, it's by Jessica Kaahwa of Uganda. http://bit.ly/ejR0LA
World Theatre Day
Do read it, consider sharing with your company either by linking to it on your Facebook page or retweeting or ... And, speaking of WTD, do you know about this this year's 'meme'? It's called 'This is my theatre.' Read some more about it on the WTD Blog, get some ideas, and get going on sharing what you're going to do on March 27. There's a link and submission page on the blog site. NYC, Chicago, Vancouver, London ... come on Brisbane, Toowoomba, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, Rockhampton, Townsville, Cairns (add your place) ! We've done it before.

An open letter: World Theatre Day 2011

Dear Theatre Colleague, World Theatre Day is March 27! For 3 years now, I have been involved along with other facilitator-colleagues for World Theatre Day. Under the auspices of the International Theatre Institute (ITI), World Theatre Day (WTD) is celebrated annually on the 27th March by the international theatre community. Various national and international theatre events are organized to mark this occasion. We would like to invite you to join the party! The World Theatre Day blog has been updated for 2011, and, as with the last two years, will become a virtual hub for sharing World Theatre Day celebrations from all over the world. If you need ideas about how you can celebrate World Theatre Day in your community, please visit here, in the first instance, for ideas to get you started. Continue to follow along with the blog or via Facebook or on Twitter @WTD11 You'll find more ideas there as the days roll by and news about how other theatre artists around the world will mark World Theatre Day 2011. Prior to March 27, we'd love to hear how you are planning to celebrate. You can share your information easily by going to the WTD11 submissions page You can also use this same form to share your actual celebrations on March 27. Please include a photo or a link to a YouTube video so we can share your celebrations with the world! Here's a sample of the kind of thing you can do - it's a little video made at the after-show party for That Face a couple of years ago. The meme in 2009 was to focus on the question 'What does theatre mean to you?'   That night, 23rd productions did a backstage walkthrough and interval interviews around their then-playing production of The Pillowman.   This is that audience's response to the meme. Of course, it doesn't have to be a video; you can upload pictures, audio files or just write and share what you did in words. The important thing is to celebrate along with the rest of the world. Get inspired! For the past 3 years Queensland artists and companies have led off the global celebrations from midnight on March 27th. Perhaps this year New Zealand will get in first! There's a challenge! The bonus for the first cabs off the rank is that the fun of World Theatre 'Day' actually goes on much longer! We in Queensland look forward to sharing and celebrating with you! Kate Foy (Editor Greenroom)

Gift suggestions for the theatre-lover geek on your list

A Christmas card from 1870
Image via Wikipedia
We had to weigh into this one. There are Christmas gift suggestions all over the place right now, but this one is just for you dear Greenroom habitués. You probably haven't finished your shopping, and most of these can be bought online, some even emailed. Check for delivery times, but do it soon. Here's our list of suggestions: Subscriptions or Tickets Probably the most obvious. Contact your local theatre company and buy a ticket. Most single ticket sales should be open to catch the Christmas rush. Click the Greenroom poster wall on the home page to go directly to the company's website. Include a promissory note with your ticket - 'good for one drink at the bar'. iPhone and iPad Applications: You can gift all of these if you wish. Just make sure your lucky person has the right hardware first. Go to the iTunes store or just Google.
  • Shakespeare Pro
  • Good Reader (for storing your scripts and readings)
There are plenty of good, free apps like Rehearsal and Hollywood Helper/Broadway Buddy and the Shakespeare-lite version, all of which are free. You can't gift these though ... just tell a friend in the drop down menu beside each app in the iTunes Store. Audible Books audible.com is a terrific resource with plenty of plays, biographies, and interviews with actors, directors and other arty types (these are free) available for download. If you are feeling really, really generous, what about buying a cheap mp3 player and filling it with some goodies - a geek Christmas stocking. Alternatively give them an Audible gift card so they can select their own. Theatre Videos Always a favourite. There are lots available out there. But check this list for inspiration:  37 Flicks that Theatre Lovers Should Know put together by Howard Sherman of the American Theatre Wing recently. Greenroom favourites include: Slings and Arrows; Branagh's Much Ado About Nothing; Shakespeare in Love; In the Bleak Mid Winter (Branagh again) and Vanya on 42nd Street. For theatre documentaries also check out  Howard's list of 13 Docos That Theatre Lovers Should Know.  It doesn't include In the Company of Actors which is based on the STC's production of Hedda Gabler directed by Robin Nevin with Hugo Weaving and Cate Blanchett. The ABC Shop is a good place to browse, as is Dymocks for SBS screened arts-related videos. Books Where to begin? There are so many bios, autobios, playscripts, casebooks on productions and so on, that it's hard to make any kind of recommendation. Can we just say that, if you want to browse in general or for something in particular, the admirable Book Depository based in the UK is the best online bookshop by far in our experience. They have an extensive catalogue, an easy-to-browse website, great customer service - they send you a little 'Thank you ever so much for your order' note when you place it - not kidding. Here's the clincher though, the Book Depository provides free shipping worldwide. They discount their books too. How do they do it? Delivery time is round 10 days so you don't have long. Say Thanks! And if you enjoyed yourself this year at the theatre, why not send a thank you Christmas email wish - even a hand-written card - to the companies that brought you pleasure. It's that time of year! Got any further suggestions to add? Please put them in the comments below. Seasonal cheers!