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Gone but not forgotten: my best of 2007 theatre

Wharf Sydney Theatre Company
Image by Dramagirl via Flickr
AMPAG Calendar Cover Hamlet. Theatre's been my life and passion for as long as I can recall. Even as a child I remember getting the **tingles** in my fingers as the house lights went to half, and the overture swelled or the curtains parted. The curtains may have gone from most theatres, but not much else has changed ... you can add sweaty palms, and sometimes churning stomach to the list above when I became a professional. I've had quite a few tingles this past year as audience and professional ... tingle junkie me. Time to jot them down. Continue reading Gone but not forgotten: my best of 2007 theatre

Did I leave the best to last?

Perhaps I am just being patriotic, but I reckon these Aussie guys are pretty darn hot in the voice-over artistry stakes. The two contenders for me are Keith Scott and Jim Pike. I wrote a while back about Don LaFontaine being a voice stylist who set the standard for a generation. Keith Scott bills himself as 'Australia's leading voice impersonator' and does a nice line in LaFontaine styling in this movie promo. Here Scott shows that he can not only match that standard but take it further. Oh, and he does some pretty nifty impressions along the way in this audio compilation from 2005. Then there's Jim Pike whose voice is everywhere on the airwaves. Jim's compilation gives a taste of the range and style of an 'educated Aussie' voice. It's not bad when it comes to dialects and accents either. Enjoy. Actually there's no competition going on here. All of the guys I've written about in the last little while are masters of their art and craft. Next time, I'll go in search of female voice artists.

Voice Over Stylist

You've heard his voice so often in move trailers, now here's the face of Don LaFontaine. I came across this little movie this morning. Apart from being a nice intro to the guy behind the microphone, the movie has something to say about how pervasive a great voice can be. He has set the style for the voice of a generation of movie trailers ... and most of those voices are male. In fact, I can't think of a movie trailer I've seen which has been voiced by a female. Can you?