Review: Miss Garland at Twilight: USQ Arts Theatre (Toowoomba)

Image: Cindy Laine, USQ Photography.
I’ve had a lot of chats with a lot of different grandmas over the course of my journalistic career. Grandmas who sent husbands off to war, never to see them again. Grandmas who survived the Depression, grandmas forgotten by their children, grandmas befuddled by a rapidly changing world. Some grandmas are funny, some are sad. But spend some time with grandmas – really give them your ear - and they all have a few things in common. They will talk of days gone by, they will reminisce about their childhood, they will tell stories of people you don’t know, they will show you the treasures accumulated over their lives, they will ponder the choices they made and the roads they travelled, they may even break into song. Now just imagine “grandma” is the icon of long-ago Hollywood, the infamous Judy Garland. We’d all love to have a chat with her, right? Well, Bernadette Meenach gave audiences that chance in her self-devised show Ms Garland at Twilight at the University of Southern Queensland on Wednesday, September 4. Continue reading Review: Miss Garland at Twilight: USQ Arts Theatre (Toowoomba)