4th Annual Groundling Awards – time to nominate the best of Queensland theatre in 2013

1 January, 2014 by No Comments

Nominations are now closed. The list of finalists will be published and voting commence soon.

2014 will  mark Greenroom’s fourth annual Groundling Awards.

Hard to believe, but the Groundlings have been operating now since 2010! Each year they have become more and more popular with the local theatre community taking the opportunity to vote for the work they’ve enjoyed and admired most in the preceding season.

So, it’s time once again to have your say in which artists, creatives and companies you enjoyed most in Queensland-produced professional theatre during what was another fine year – 2013.

If you’ve voted before or are new to the way the Groundlings work, it’s worth reading a few rules to keep things focussed. Check Eligibility below.

The Groundlings ask you – the theatre community – to have your say in the nominating and the final voting process. We’d only ask that you follow the ‘play fair’ rules in nominating and voting only once. You can read all about this in the Nominating Process and the Voting Process below.

Thanks for joining in. We couldn’t do it without you! Happy New Year from us all.

Kate (Editor)


  • Greenroom’s focus, as per its byline, is on professional theatre in Queensland. Amateur, community and student theatre productions are not eligible for a Groundling award. Please also note that students currently enrolled in a professional training program are not eligible for an individual award. Nominations will not be considered.
  • Please note that Groundlings will only be awarded to Queensland theatre-makers. Yes, we’re proudly parochial.
  •  Co-productions qualify but only insofar as nominees are Queensland residents. There is a separate category for the Best Co-production anyway.

2013 Categories

  • Outstanding Contribution by an Actor
  • Outstanding Contribution by an Actress
  • Outstanding Contribution by a Director
  • Outstanding Contribution to Set Design
  • Outstanding Contribution to Costume Design
  • Outstanding Contribution to Lighting Design
  • Outstanding Contribution to Sound Design or Composition
  • Outstanding Contribution to Multimedia Design
  • Outstanding Contribution to Innovative Theatre Practice
  • Best New Play in an Inaugural Queensland Season
  • Best Production 
  • Best Musical Theatre Production 
  • Best Co-Production
  • Outstanding Contribution to Queensland theatre


raised-handsThe Nominating Process

  • Hit the big, green button at the bottom of this post. This will take you to the Nominating Page where you will find a listing of  all categories pre-printed for your convenience.
  • Fill in up to (3) three nominees in all or just in some categories. Order doesn’t matter.
    • ‘Body of work’ may be a better way to describe the work of an individual artist or creative who has worked on at least 3 (three) individual projects/productions in the year. You must nominate your ‘top three’ if you choose this option.
  • Individuals and companies may nominate themselves – but only once, please!
  • When you are finished, click the submit button at the bottom of the submission form page. Your submission will be acknowledged and go into the database.
  • Nominations close at midnight on 31 January, 2014. Greenroom will then total all the nominations in the database.
  • The 3 (three) highest-scoring nominees in each of the 14 categories will be published on Greenroom on or about 1st February.


Ballot_BoxesThe Voting Process

  • Greenroom will publish a link to the virtual ballot box on 1 February and invite readers to vote for their choice from the highest-scoring nominees.  Voting will close at midnight on 10th February.
  • Results will be available on Greenroom on February 14, 2014. The day has significance!
  • To avoid any taint of conflict of interest, Greenroom will not be nominating or casting any votes but, for the first time, the Editor has decided to publish a list of personal preferences – the Groundling Editor’s Choice Awards.