2012 Groundlings Nominees … some stats

1 February, 2013 by No Comments

Dear Greenroomers

a quick note from the 2012 Groundlings tally room as our cleverly-automated sort, collate and count database is in full swing. We’re sorting the thousands of individual nominations in all of the award categories received from our dear readers over the past month. We’re on track to publish the nominees this evening.

There is no doubt that The Groundlings – the only peoples’ choice awards for professional, Queensland-made theatre – have increased in popularity since we began 3 years ago. This was to provide another avenue to spread the word about the work being done in the state, to wear our hearts on our sleeves but, more importantly, to say ‘Well done’ to Queensland’s theatre artists and creatives. Greenroom’s readership and word of mouth has generated a great response this year. We thank you all – marvellous theatre lovers that you are!

This year’s nominations in 14 categories – with a possible 3 nominations allowed in each category – were made by 335 individuals. 

In 2011 there were 196 individual nominators and, in our first year of operation 2010, there were 128 individuals who nominated in at least one category.

For your interest, the majority of nominations focussed on the Actor, Actress, Director, and Best Production categories whilst the majority of those who nominated did not nominate in all categories nor did they nominate more than one candidate in each category. This is probably because individuals felt they were unable to nominate in categories for which they had no interest or information. Fair enough. The fan base in the Actor, Actress, Director, and Production categories is very clear!

The number of individual nominators for the years 2010-12

Individual nominators by discrete email addresses for the years 2010-12

This year was the first in which companies and individual artists and creatives took to the social media to lobby for their work and to support the Groundlings. We thank you for all the Facebook likes and links, Twitter shout outs, as well as e-letters and hot-link buttons or links on blogs to the Nominations page. You are helping to spread the word not only on behalf of these awards but also on behalf of the theatre community in the state. Tip of the hat …

Whilst the majority of nominators were clear regarding the stated eligibility criteria for the Groundlings, a very small minority nominated student, amateur and/or community productions. As noted in the eligibility criteria, these nominations were not counted.

And most seemed unable to write the word NIL (as we’d asked) to indicate they had chosen not to vote in a particular category. Of course we counted their nominations. It just made the sorting elf crosser than s/he usually is.

This year there were no nominations from outside the south-east corner of the state. This is a pity as we had some from Townsville and Cairns last year. We’d like to be able to publish regular reviews and interviews here from colleagues outside home-base, and would be pleased to chat to anyone keen to become a guest contributor to Greenroom.

Now, back to it and stand by for the nominations somewhere around happy hour tonight. All going well, let’s say 6 o’clock, shall we!