Sound Bite #1: The View from the Sixth Row

7 August, 2011 by No Comments

Ta-daa! Greenroom’s first sound-bite via the delightfully simple app Audioboo, which I use a lot on my Posterous blog when travelling. You can record from your desktop or, as I usually do, via the free Audioboo iPhone app. You can record up to 5 minutes with a free account and add photos, tags and so on and on-post to Facebook, Twitter or, as I’ve done here, embed the code in a blog post.

I thought it might be appropriate from time to time here on Greenroom when there’s something to say that benefits from a sense of the environment. It’s a powerful tool – no slushy sybillants, and Audioboo also captures ambient sounds as you speak. Click on the link below to listen.

I was killing some time yesterday afternoon on South Bank and caught the theatre photography exhibition by Reiner Irmer at the Tony Gould Gallery. Reina has captured performance ‘on the fly’ from the sixth row of the stalls – hence the exhibition’s name. It’s black and white, and captures many of the productions that played QPAC during the 90s.

I would have enjoyed more large-format shots, but it’s well worth the visit. Ah, memories!

If you have half an hour to spare do see it. It closes in October.


A View From the Sixth Row (mp3)