World Theatre Day 2011 … going, going …

As the world turns World Theatre Day 2011 has come and gone from Australia for another year, but it’s still going strong elsewhere as March 27th comes in round the globe.

Someone wrote on the Twitter stream that ‘every day is world theatre day’ and, of course, he’s right for those of us who live and work in and for the theatre. It can be all-consuming at times, a source of frustration too, but mostly of love. It’s why we keep going, making and advocating for theatre as a daily engagement. Still, as one of my theatre friends in Canada (Simon Ogden) put it so well, it’s a day worth stopping and marking in a special way, because

It is a day designed to let theatre makers raise their heads from the local communities they work in and revel in the collective consciousness of their global community. It is a celebration of the health, vivacity and reach of our particular form of art. It is not a day for asking for help, or for audience building. It’s a massive, collective high-five.

WTD11 fell on a Sunday and, for many it was a day of rest and reflection. Others were rehearsing or performing, writing, watching and listening from the audience …

Here’s the Theatre Communications Group (based in the US) WTD Message for this year. It echoes the theme of social justice through theatre which is this year’s ‘call to action’ or reflection.

It’s very moving and talks about something that theatre makes us do so well: ‘listen.’

And World Theatre Day continues round the globe. You can catch the latest postings on the blog and on the WTD Facebook page. I loved the live stream from Berlin some hours ago. If you didn’t catch it, you can read Brisbane’s 23rd Productions posting for World Theatre Day on the blog as well, along with the Dead Cargo company and Queensland Shakespeare Ensemble‘s shout out to the world.

And, if you didn’t get to celebrate WTD11, watch out for WTD12 next year on March 27th.