The World Theatre Day Message for 2011

3 March, 2011 by No Comments

It’s been a tradition for the International Theatre Institute to ask a leading theatre practitioner to create the message for World Theatre Day. It’s also something of a tradition for companies to read the message before the curtain on performances on WTD and/or to post it on callboards or in foyers. This year WTD falls on Sunday March 27.

Last year it was Judi Dench’s turn to meditate on theatre; the year before – Augusto Boal. This year it is from Jessica Kaawha from Uganda. It’s sobering, uplifting and inspirational.

I was alerted to it this morning via a tweet from the World Theatre Day blog.
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Do read it, consider sharing with your company either by linking to it on your Facebook page or retweeting or …

And, speaking of WTD, do you know about this this year’s ‘meme’? It’s called ‘This is my theatre.’ Read some more about it on the WTD Blog, get some ideas, and get going on sharing what you’re going to do on March 27. There’s a link and submission page on the blog site. NYC, Chicago, Vancouver, London … come on Brisbane, Toowoomba, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, Rockhampton, Townsville, Cairns (add your place) ! We’ve done it before.