December 20-26, 2010: It’s that time of year again … ho, ho, ho!

20 December, 2010 by No Comments

It’s a week when most of the state is powering down to relax with friends and family. As I write, the sun is out, the birds and the cicadas are singing, and it’s stopped raining.

There’s not a great deal happening in the theatre world. Shake and Stir continue their December workshops, this week for Primary schoolers. Fractal’s promenade production of Under Milk Wood continues at the Old Museum Building, but only until Christmas Eve. Most other companies have closed their doors for a break, or will do so on Friday.

I want to take this opportunity to thank all of Greenroom’s readers and contributors for their interest and support during 2010, the first full year of operations of this site. For my part, it’s been a labour of love, and I’ve very much enjoyed my interaction with Queensland’s wonderful theatre community during a year of change, growth and great expectations for the future.

Thanks to all those who submitted themselves to interviews, and to Dave Burton and Nick Backstrom (in exile) and Lucas Stibbard who cheerfully responded – and wonderfully well – to my requests for guest reviews and commentary from time to time. Zane Trow and Paul Osuch also posted about their own labours of love here, and it was good to hear other voices at work.

Greenroom attempts to provide a curatorial service for professional theatre in the state, and a forum for any and all who have something to say. Because there should be more public commentary on theatre and the arts in general in Australia, we plan on continuing our approach into 2011 by canvassing informed opinions and shouting them out here. Thanks also to those who take the time to comment so thoughtfully on posts. Most bloggers love getting feedback; we’re no exception.

Our big project right now is the inaugural Groundling Awards. If you haven’t already nominated your favourites for the 2010 season, please do so before they close at midnight on February 1.

In the meantime, Greenroom is taking a seasonal break until Monday January 10. If things work out right, your favourite posts for 2010 should start appearing here auto-magically during the break, and with notice in Twitter.

Have a marvellously merry and safe Christmas and New Year’s.

Warmest wishes


PS. Forgive the gently falling snowflakes on the page – a theatrical and seasonal geeky conceit that has absolutely nothing to do with Queensland, I know. I just couldn’t resist. If there’d been a falling rain plug-in, I’d have used that instead – or maybe not!