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30 October, 2010 by 2 Comments

Trolley Boys

Black Light brings Alex Cullen’s Trolley Boys to Metro Arts from 24 November until 4 December as part of the 2010 Allies program.

Trolley Boys has been developed by Queensland Theatre Company’s 2010 emerging director/dramaturg Melanie Wild. Now, in its Queensland Debut, Trolley Boys is set to carry the laughs through to the car park as trolley boys Todd and Dirk embark on an adventurous quest to prove their worth.

On the cusp of Dirk’s 21st birthday, Todd knows that Dirk will soon be replaced with some pimply faced trolley pusher who costs half as much to employ. All he wants is to keep working with his friend. After all, if Dirk’s gone who will he play bumper-trolleys with?
What both boys lack in brains they make up in balls.  When the hot-to-trot security guard Nivek shares a secret which could save their jobs; both boys venture blindly into the swamp behind the shopping centre. Will they make it out alive? Or will they be gobbled up by the creatures that lurk in the mangled trolleys before they can complete their quest?

Writer Alex Cullen is not a trolley boy. She is a girl who was inspired to write about them when she read that two trolley boys had been fired due to their fast approaching 21st birthdays. Aiming to create a theatrical experience that her friends (boys who liked video games not the performing arts) would enjoy, what has developed is a playful, surprising piece of theatre that captivates in its originality and suspends time with its silliness.
A graduate of the NIDA playwriting course, Alex Cullen began writing Trolley Boys while participating in Playwriting Australia’s graduate program during the National Script Workshop. As one of four young playwrights selected to participate in the event, Alex was introduced to emerging director/dramaturg Melanie Wild and together they explored the seven page beginnings, inspiring Alex to write a full-length script upon completion of the workshop.
Director Melanie Wild says “I have been working on the play so long as a dramaturge that I really wanted to see the play through to a production. I like the fact that the play is entertaining and isn’t trying to be educational or experimental but just really trying to give people a good night out in the theatre.” As a director and dramaturg, Melanie is currently an artist in residence with Playlab and has worked with La Boite, Queensland Theatre Company, Playwriting Australia, ATYP and Backbone Youth Arts.

Writer: Alex Cullen
Director: Melanie Wild
Sound Designer: Phil Slade
Lighting Designer: Jason Glenwright
Assistant Director: Haley Milner
Cast Includes: Amelia Dowd, Blake Laburniy, Toby Martin, Nick Newth, Chris Vernon, Kyle Walmsley

Bookings:  (07) 3002 7100,
Tickets: $20 (Adults), $16 (Concession), $12 (Cheap Tuesday and groups of 10 or  more)