This Week in Queensland Theatre: Aug 30-Sep 5 2010

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A week to check the programme, make your picks, and draw breath before the Brisbane Festival hits town. Stand by for a huge month of fringe, mainstage, street, and anywhere you can find it entertainment in Brisbane city and the suburbs. Chookas to Noel Staunton, director of the Festival and to the whole team! Opening: My Sublime Shadow Dir. Lynne Bradley: Zen Zen Zo at the Old Museum Building (Wednesday) Continuing: A Catch of the Breath by Robert Thwaites: !MetroArts Independents Engine by Janis Balodis Dir. Julian Louis: La Boite Theatre at the Roundhouse Other: Greenroom is one year old on Wednesday. Happy Birthday to us ... notice the cupcake?

2 thoughts on “This Week in Queensland Theatre: Aug 30-Sep 5 2010”

  1. Enjoy! I can’t believe I’m out of the town for the whole of the Festival, or that I miss the Macbeth rehearsal by 12 hours. I fly out to NYC on Monday morning. Oh well …

  2. Thanks for the chookas! Looking forward to the shows..I think my first (other than Riverfire and Sunsuper Riverbreakfast the morning after) is going to be the Macbeth rehearsal at QUT Festival Theatre 🙂


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