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19 August, 2010 by 2 Comments

Greenroom is fast approaching its first birthday!  Yes, we’ve been tapping away here for nearly one year. In that time Greenroom has been investigating what kind of stories and posts its readers enjoy. There’s no doubt that reviews top the list, followed by interviews.

Along the way we’ve also discovered a few other indie theatre blogs (like this one) that we very much like. These now appear in the sidebar on the home page under the heading Theatre Blogs. There are only a handful so far, but we figure quality over quantity any day. We can highly recommend them all.

One which has made the list has yet to be tested, but its concept is just so much fun that we thought Critical Mass deserved a mention before the first edition hits the streets – i.e., when the Brisbane Festival kicks off at the top of September. So far the only entries have been the bios of the contributors. Critical Mass, the latest arts-focussed blog in the state is not quite unaffiliated however, given its links to the Brisbane Festival and its backing by Arts Queensland; both organisations provide disclaimers re the opinions expressed therein.

Critical Mass has invited 24 stalwart bloggers to produce commentary on the Brisbane Festival with, hopefully, readers chiming in. There will also be time for the quick tweet response to all of the fantastic shows that the Festival has lined up: just follow @brisfestival on Twitter and/or use the #criticalmass hashtag in your tweets. We see there is also a Brisbane Festival Facebook page, so it looks as though the backroom folks at the Brisbane Festival are right into social networking.

Hopefully Critical Mass will send up images and maybe even sound files and interviews; they’re fun too, especially for those like Greenroom’s Editor who will not be in Brisbane during the Festival *sigh* and who want to get a sense of how things are looking and sounding. PS to the Critical Mass webmaster, you don’t have an RSS feed on the blog yet; it would be a very good idea if you did!

Meanwhile, may we also introduce you to 24 Usable Hours by Devon Smith (social networking and theatre); 2amt (articles spun from ideas as well as serious and silly theatre chat at all hours of the day and night in the 2amt twitter stream); the aforementioned Critical Mass; and Theatre Notes (excellent commentary and in-depth reviews from Alison Croggon in Melbourne). There’s also Katherine Lyall-Watson’s plainly titled Performing Arts Blog which appears on, an initiative of the Brisbane City Council and which covers – you’ve guessed it – the performing arts in Brisbane.

No doubt there will be many more to come. If you have a favourite blog you’d like to recommend, please post it to us in the comments below.

Greenroom’s birthday is 1st September by the way – just in case you want to send a happy cheerio wish. We’re hoping for a bit of a cosmetic makeover for the big day, so look out for it.

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