The Works: Queensland Theatre Company @ Bille Brown Studio

17 June, 2010 by 1 Comment

Bull by Matthew Ryan (2 July)

Matthew Ryan’s Bull is a comedic and bloodthirsty exploration of love, sex and invention based on Greek mythology. Daedalus is an out-of-favour inventor, and must solve King Minos’ problem – his wife Queen Pasiphaë is in love with a bull. Solutions are thin on the ground and a mechanical animal may just be the answer King Minos is looking for…

Director: Michael Gow
Cast includes: Jason KlarweinNick NewthBryan ProbetsMelanie Zanetti

The Dark Room by Angela Betzien (3 July)

Angela Betzien’s The Dark Room is a haunting psychological thriller set at a run-down motel on the edge of a military town. Six unlikely characters converge – Anni, a government youth worker is accompanied by a withdrawn fourteen year-old girl, pregnant Emma awaiting her husband, a drunken country cop and a teenage boy lurks on the perimeter of the motel, watching the man in room 6.

Director: Melanie Wild
Cast includes: Kerith AtkinsonJason KlarweinNick NewthBryan ProbetsBelinda Raisin, Melanie Zanetti

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