YouthVSPhysics: New Wave Festival 2010 and Restaged Histories Project at the Powerhouse

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Icarus, Superman and the Soviet cosmonaut Omon Ra … the Restaged Histories project explores these three young men and their thwarted attempts to fly.

This large-scale yet intimate work involves three performers, live video and 1970s bluescreen, to perform a series of “experiments” that attempt to disprove heroism.

YOUTHvsPHYSICS examines these three “test subjects” who form a triptych of young men whose attempts to fly have all been affected by science or age and examines each character’s position, in a world uneasy with the term ‘hero’, in a funny, moving and thought-provoking way.

Part-science class, part-stunt show and part-rock concert YOUTHvsPHYSICS comes direct from a premiere season at Next Wave Festival, Melbourne.

Dorward and Swann are a new generation of fabulous liars in a mundane world” Real Time

the Restaged Histories project are artists-in-residence at Brisbane Powerhouse and supported by MAPS for Artists.

Warning: Contains smoke effects and strong language. Recommended to people aged 14 years and older.

Duration  65-75 mins, no interval

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